The Art of Seasonal sequencing for Yoga | Stillness in yoga

The Art of Seasonal sequencing for Yoga | Stillness in yoga

Startdatum: 01-03-2024

Einddatum: 14-06-2024

: punten

Data: 1 maart, 23 maart, 17 mei en 14 juni 2024

When you create Yin classes for the 5 elements and like to live with the seasons, it is sometimes hard not to repeat yourself in your yoga classes. How do you use the seasons to create optimal qi flow in your body and in your Yoga classes?

  • How to bring variation into one season of 2,5 months with the deep wisdom of Classical Chinese Philosophy?
  • Which class can you teach at night and which one in the morning within the same season?
  • All elements are represented in one element, but how exactly?
  • Which elements nurture and control each other?
  • How to use the deep Spiral of the Organ clock to nurture in different ways a certain organ pair of the 5 Elements with Yin Yoga?
  • How can you bring the other  5 elements and other Yin poses into a meridian-based Yin class and in which season to create a strong qi flow for vibrancy in your life?
  • And in which elements can you give yourself and your students the best self-care in the year of the Earth Dragon (2024)?

Gita Perroti & Anoshe will give you the answers to all these questions in this 4 day training. They will explain, teach you and allow you to experience it yourself. Deepen your understanding to nurture yourself and/or your students with the intelligence of Nature and join us in this new course. In Dutch language.




Docenten: Gita Perroti & Anoshe
Organisatie: Stillness in yoga
Locatie: De Nieuwe Plek, Hoofdstraat 260 Driebergen 
Kosten exclusief BTW: € 660 excl 21% BTW
VYN Erkenning: bijscholingspunten
Datum: 01-03-2024
Start/Eindtijd: 10:00 - 16:30
Telefoon: +31(0) 617 02 64 53
Website: Klik hier

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