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Yoga Nidra teacher training

Yoga Nidra teacher training

• start 25 maart 2017

The Yoga Nidra teacher training according to the guidelines of the Bihar School of Yoga Mungir – this well-structured training gives a sound basis for yoga teachers to teach this unique deep relaxation technique. The objectives are to fully explore and discover the practice from experience and to understand the theory and science behind it. The training is internationally aknowledged and gives the participant the skills to teach the original Satyananda Yoga Nidra.

Handige gegevens

Waar: Het VlinderHuys, Barchman Wuytierslaan 51, 3819 AB Amersfoort
Wanneer: 25/26 maart 2017, 1/2 juli 2017 en 23/24 september 2017, van 10.00 – 17.00 uur
Wie: Swami Vedantananda Saraswati
Kosten: € 590 early bird en € 650 na 1 december 2016 (mogelijkheid om in 2 delen te betalen) inclusief BTW, handouts, drinken (koffie, thee, water) en soep

Bijscholingspunten VYN: 36

Meer informatie

What to take: yogamath, cushion, cover, pen and paper, lunch

Information/enroling:,,  06. 14477000

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